The first eAdriaticFinals tournament has ended

eAdriaticFinals, the final tournament in FIFA23, was recently held in Montenegro under the organization eAdriaticLeague, with the support of the Tourism Organization of the city of Bar and the Electronic Sports Association of Montenegro.
Filip Babić, a competitor from Croatia, celebrated as the first winner of the eAdriaticFinals tournament in the game “FIFA23”. The tournament was located in Bar, with a total prize fund of 10 thousand euros. Babić achieved exciting victories against his colleague from Serbia, Aleksandar Maksimović, with a score of 3:2, thus winning the main prize of €5,000. Maksimović, although defeated in the final, won €3,000.
A total of 27 players from eight countries of the region took part in the “FIFA23” tournament, and more than 1,000 participants competed in the qualifying round.
Among the players from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the best result was achieved by Tarik Novo, who won fourth place and a prize of €1,000.
For next year, eAdriaticLeague plans to organize three final tournaments, one of which will be held again in Montenegro, the second in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the third in Croatia. winner Filip Babic